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Product Exhibition

OPTopus Profibus - Fiber repeater

The new OPTopus PROFIBUS Optical Link from Systeme Helmholz GmbH is a full PROFIBUS repeater with an integrated FO interface...


HMS has launced new products

New slimline range of Anybus X-gateways with CANopen Master/Slave support to 10 other Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet Networks.



New Products

Gateway and Router
By supporting open system protocols such as BACnet®, Modbus and Sedona Framework SOX, the BAS Remote series is easily adaptable.


EKS'den e-light 2m 8 port Endüstriyel Ethernet Switch

e-light2M is a 8 port switch that features ring function based on the Pathfinder Ring (P-Ring) with a recovery time of less than 300ms.

e-light2M is available with up to 4 flexibly configurable FX-ports and up to 6TX-ports.

The Fast Ethernet switches with their industrial design are useable in a wide temperature range of -30°C to +75°C and are suitable for both DIN rail mounting and wall fastening.

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Netbiter - Remote management of industrial applications

Netbiter EasyConnect is a series of true plug-n-play M2M Gateways that automatically connects any remote equipment to the Internet over Ethernet or wireless (GPRS).

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Special Offers

Profibus DP - Modbus RTU RS232/422/485 gateway

The Anybus® Communicator for Profibus allows the user to take almost any serial device and have it communicate to a Profibus network.

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Profihub A5

It enables long multi-device spur lines and backbone structures with star/tree segments in IP 65 applications. . Special price : 690 €


Profinet Cable Tester

PN1, the first handheld PROFINET cable tester is an essential tool to verify the condition of the PROFINET cable after assembly and installation.

Special price : 250 €

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News From Us

Emikon, Turck Sistem Partneri...

As the result of negotiations with Turck company, partnership agreement has been signed.

Turck system partners offer support in finding individual solutions for the specific requirements of each application.


New Corporation

eks is specialized in the advancement of fiber optic technology and offers a wide range of fiber optic products for the transmission of various signals and interfaces.